Remote fly-in only camps for big black bear.  About a 30% chance on color phase bear also.  Remote area lets these bear reach maturity without being harrassed or educated to humans.  Average harvested bear is over six feet with some seven-footers being taken.  Great fishing can also be had when not hunting.  Spring and fall hunts available.  Fall hunters have a chance to take wolf.  Camps are rustic but include guides, lodging, and meals.  Starting point will be Winnipeg, Manitoba.  All hunts are from Sunday to Sunday.  $3250 plus license. Group rate of 4-6 guys is $3000 each.



   These seven day hunts are scheduled for spring time where active bait sites get hit as bears come out of hibernation.  Remote areas accessed by horseback.  Good chance for a color phase bear also.  Hunting done mainly in evening time with your choice of archery, rifle or handgun.  $3800.  Bear licenses may be bought over the counter upon arrival.



   Hunt spring or fall for these big northern black bears.  With up to a 50% chance on color phase bear, you and your buddies can take home one of each color!  With a group of four or more hunters, you may chase these big bruins with rifle or archery equipment.  Hunts are five (5) full days.  Hunters may fly into Saskatoon and with a rental car drive 3 hours east.  It is also drivable from the Midwest USA for those hunters who prefer taking there own vehicle.  Over 12,000 acres of private land and another 500,000 acres of government land to hunt.  $2800 plus licenses.



   The far northeast part of the US can hold some big bear that must survive the harsh conditions.  Maine has a excellent population of black bear.  Hunting over bait or crop fields yield bears looking to fill their bellies.  Both are effective ways for bear hunting in Maine.  Your package will include meals, lodging, guides, transportation during your hunt and airport pickup if desired.  Five (5) day hunt.  $2650 plus license.



   This six (6) day hunt in Northeastern Ontario covers over 500 square miles of Crown land.  Remote hunting with active bait sights.  Accomodations are a 36 foot trailer with bunks and a 20 foot enclosed cookhouse.  Hot and cold running water along with hot shower facilities.  This hunt includes lodging, meals, guide services, travel to bait sights, meat and hide processing.  Starting point is Timmins, Ontario.   $1400 plus license. 


British Columbia

   You may hunt black bear in spring or fall once you arrive in Fort Grahame, BC.  Spring hunts are from Monday to Monday while fall bear may be included with another species and added on at no extra charge.  Spring hunt is $3200 and a second bear may be added for an additional $600.  All hunts are plus licenses.

British Columbia - Grizzly Bear

   Grizzlies may be hunted in spring or fall.  This ten (10) day hunt will start in Fort Grahame, BC and take you into some very pristine wilderness in search of this giant bear.  Thousands of square miles between the Rocky and Omineca Mountains. $9000 plus license and $5000 trophy fee when successful. 




   Some of the largest bear that rome the planet call Russia home.  Both spring and fall hunts available on the Kamchatka peninsula.  Call for more details.  $12,500