D.O.A. "Nothin' Arrives Alive"

  Droptine Outdoor Adventures was created twenty some years ago out of the love of waterfowl hunting.  At that time we were known as North Country Waterfowlers, mainly because we specialized in, you guessed it, waterfowl hunting.  As time has progressed and with more age, big game hunting became more and more of the passion.  In my travels from the Arctic Circle to Africa, I had friends and colleagues ask for recommendations on outfitters.  There have been GREAT outfitters and others that were not worth the price of a phone call.  Live and learn!  Out of neccessity and future headaches for myself and others, D.O.A. was born.  We have expanded quickly, for good reason, in the past years and deal with ONLY the top outfitters around the globe.  The outfitters that we book hunts for are top notch.  The old adage of "Been there..done that"...applies to D.O.A.  And remember, just because they are listed as a outfitter on a TV show for a celebrity, does not mean they are still good for the working class hunter! We have done the homework.

  Our name and reputation is on the line!  If we don't work with a specific outfitter for the animal(s) of your choice, we will still point you in the right direction.  While we won't list all the bad outfitters we have encountered in the past, give us a call...we will certainly tell you who they are and where they are.

You work way too hard for your hunting trip, maybe that once-in-a-lifetime trip, to have it screwed up by some outfitter that only wants your money.  That is not saying that you will always kill your intended animal, but everything will be done possible to make that happen.  Remember, it is not the kill...it is the hunt!

  I hope that you will join us and let D.O.A. make your dream hunt, or your everyday excursion, an experience to remember.