How much is customary to tip the outfitter/help?

   This is probably the most asked question and one of the most important.  Our outfitters and guides work tirelessly to make your trip enjoyable, safe, and of course to get you the animal of your dreams.  The outfitters are like the rest of us, they need money to pay bills and make a living.  They already have knives, binoculars and good equipment.  They have families to feed and truck payments to make.  A typical gratuity for your personal guide/PH is 10-15% of your trip cost.  Cooks and other personnel that made your trip pleasurable are at your own discretion but we suggest between $20-100.  Feel free to ask the outfitter also.  Some will take your extra amount and split it evenly amongst his hired help. 


What documents are needed for international travel?

   Depending on what country you are traveling to will depend what paperwork you are required to have.

Starting with the two most popular destinations:


Canada:   Traveling to any Canadian province you must have a passport, passport card or state issued Enhanced Drivers LicensePlease note...if traveling by air you have to have a passport.  If going by land or sea, the passport card or enhanced drivers license is sufficient.  With the passing of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) act since September 11, the above guidelines were set in place. 


South Africa:  When traveling to RSA you will only need a passport.  No visa's required.  You do not have to worry about any type of shots or vaccinations.  We are in a Malaria free area.  When traveling to RSA there are certain documents needed for bringing guns in/out of the country, invitation letter from outfitter and more.  These will be provided to you by D.O.A. when you book your adventure. 


As with any International travel, we suggest making photo copies of your passport (picture and passport number), travel itinerary and any important documentation.  You should keep these copies tucked away in a separate area from originals and in a safe place as you travel.  We also suggest leaving copies of the above with family members back home. 


Does D.O.A. also book airline tickets?

   We employ the expertise of a regular travel agent who excels in domestic and international travel.  We will be able to help you with your flight plans if you desire.  Some hunters like to handle their own travel arrangements.  This option is totally up to you as the client.  There is no extra charge for our service.  Please note that either way, you must provide your complete legal name, birthday, passport number and passport issue date and expiration date for booking flights for international travel. 


I don't have a passport, how do I go about getting one?

  The whole process takes up to 6 weeks.  You may pick up an application at your local post office or go to to download your form.  Please start this process long before your trip!