Hunting Consultants to help you plan your next adventure...

  D.O.A. is a hunting travel agency.  We are dedicated to helping you book and plan your next hunting adventure.  Whether your intended prey is as small as salmon or as big as Cape Buffalo, our selection of reputable outfitters and travel associates will insure a successful and memorable experience.   

   At D.O.A., we have done the homework for you and in most cases, we have personally hunted with the outfitters we book for.  We DO NOT recommend a trip or outfitter that we have not done thorough background checks or history on.  We have checked and doubled checked our outfitters. 

  Your hard-earned dollars and your trip are too valuable. We have been mistreated, mis-represented and downright lied to before.  There is no reason for you to go through that also. That is the reason for the birth of D.O.A.  We are here to help you.  We have already been through the good, bad and a lot of ugly. 

  As for prices, you will not pay more by using D.O.A. to book your hunt then you would by booking your hunt directly with the outfitter.  In fact, our hunters get to take advantage of discounts or cancellation hunts that are not advertised anywhere else!  Discounted hunts are usually a "last minute" deal so let us know what you would be interested in and also your availability.  We will put you on the list, so if any hunts come available, we can contact you immediately.  There are sometimes a month or more notice and other times, you may just have a week to pack your bags.  These hunts are discounted because of other hunters who may had to cancel their obligation because of circumstances beyond their control.  Medical, immediate death in the family, called up to military service, sudden loss of job, etc.  Discounted, last minute hunts are all equal to the regular hunts but at great rates to help fill in voided spots.

  Whatever your prey may be, give us a call.