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Descriptions included are basic information.  More detailed information can be provided.  Obvisiously, time and space don't allow for full complete descriptions of all hunts.  Please feel free to contact us for addtional info and questions that we may answer. We are constantly finding the best outfitters and offering more huntable species and different geographical areas for the same animals.  We will be adding more.


Certain hunts require lottery drawings for licenses.  In some cases, these applications must be applied for far in advance, sometimes a year.   Please take this into consideration when looking at a hunt. 


NOTE:  Prices are good only for current booking/hunting year.  Please be advised that prices possibly change from year to year.  Please ask about rates two or more years ahead.  Some rates may be able to lock in.  Please inquire.




Unless otherwise specified, all hunts are stated in US dollars.  Hunts are also subjected to applicable taxes per the area being hunted.


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