Chase the Osceola species of turkey on private land in central Florida.  Finish out your Turkey Grand Slam with this species that is very abundant in this part of Florida.  Season runs from March 19 - April 24.  License extra.   Three (3) day private land hunt...$1800

One (1) day public land hunt....$600



   These private land birds can be challenging to hunt with Michigan's three different seasons.  Depending on which season you draw in the lottery, (private land can be bought over-the-counter per quota), will dictate how they are hunted.  If call and decoy shy, the lay of the land is perfect for spot and stalk.  Better than half our birds killed are spot and stalk.  These are big, crop fed birds that can top the scales at over twenty pounds.  Limited access and availability.  Call for details.   Michigan turkey license required (season specific).

$275 per day.