Hunting in the Northern Territory of Australia you can pursue Buffalo, Crocodile, Wild Boar and Banteng.  The water buffalo is just as mean and big as its Cape Buffalo cousin from Africa.  These big bulls can have horns with width up to 60" and easily push 2000 pounds of ill-temper. 

   If interested in croc hunting please contact us for the details.  It is done a totally different way in Australia.  Minimum size will be 12 feet but 16 footers are possible.

   If Banteng are on your bucket list, Australia is the only place you can hunt these exotic creatures.  With big bulls having horns that can get to 25" each, these animals can be taken here.

   Wild boar can also be thrown in on any of these exciting hunts in the Northern Territory.


   Hunting in the Queensland Territory there are Red Stag, Fallow deer, Rusa, Goats, turkey, wingshooting, fishing and more.  Many hunters take extra days and do some guided sight-seeing while in this beautiful area of Australia. 


  Please contact us for pricing and daily rates associated with this adventure.