Bison                 (3 days)                 $3500



    Bison                                              $3500

    Arctic Hogs  (250-400lbs)                $350

    Giant Arctic Hogs  (650-950lbs)       $650

    Russian Boar                                   NLA in Michigan

    Rams                                              $485 and up

    Fallow Deer                                    $750 and up

    Bull Elk                                           $2500 and up

    Cow Elk                                           $1100 and up

    Whitetail Deer                                $1000 and up

    Sitka Deer                                       Upon Request

    Caribou                                           Upon Request


Florida --  Free Range Pig

   These free range hogs running around central Florida will be sure to get your heart pumping with the close proximity in which you will soon experience.  These hunts take place in the marshes and surrounding area with airboats and dogs.  Expect to see from 15-20 hogs per night.  We average 4-6 caught each night.  Weapon of choice.  Spot and stalk hunting also available on private land.  You will be able to keep one trophy hog and one meat hog.  Your trophies can be caped and quartered for your cooler for $40 per hog. 

Still hunt  $250 per hunter      Buggy hunt w/ dogs  $400 per hunter     Airboat hunt w/ dogs  $600 per hunter