Bowfishing -- Southwest Michigan

   These one night excursions will be wild and fast paced.  Done at night with special boats just for this quick shooting sport.  We use many different bodies of water in SW Michigan.  Season starts in early spring and runs through the end of summer.  If you want some exciting and heart pumping fun, you owe it to yourself to try bowfishing.  Species of fish taken include gar pike, carp, dogfish (bowfin).  You can expect to arrow fish from two pounds to over 40 pounds!!  Each night is different but we have taken over one hundred fish on a given night.  All gear provided. Perfect time for youngsters and adults alike.  All equipment is kid and adult friendly. Starting point is determined upon the body of water fishing.  Michigan fishing license required.           $30 per man/per hour.  Minimum three hour fishing.


Bowfishing -- Illinois

   Bowfish for the acrobatic silver (Asian) carp during this river trip.  When these flying fish get airborne with just the right aggrevation of the water, hold on tight and start shooting.  All equipment provided aboard our boat built specifically for this adventure.  These trips are during daylight hours while our other trips for buffalo, grass, bighead, common carp plus garpike and dogfish (bowfin) are conducted during night-time raids.  With over 33,000 lumens of LED lighting and no generator, this night-time shooting is quiet and calm....except for the shooting.  Night fishing is taken place in northern Illinois on several different bodies of water while flying carp in two hours more south.  All equipment provided.  Illinois fishing license required. 

Night shooting (3 hours)...$275 per group of four

Day flying carp (3 hours)..$400 per group of four

$75 per each additional hour



Bowfishing --  Louisiana

   Bowfishing from airboats in just inches of water you will again experience some exciting and fast paced shooting.  Species include Redfish, Alligator Gar, catfish, flounder, sheephead, drum and more.  As with any bowfishing outing, no experience is necessary.  With just a few tips and pointers you will be pulling in some big fish.  Some of the fish you shoot here are edible and can be cleaned up for dinner.  Lodging provided with a group of four (4) or more.  Lodging will hold 18 people.   $220 per man with group of four.  Starting point is just south of New Orleans. 



   Saltwater     1-2 man ($50 each additional angler)         1/2 day   (4 hours)    $400

                                                                                    3/4 day   (6 hours)    $450

                                                                                    Full day   (8 hours)    $500

   Deep Sea (Off Shore)  4-6 man (6 max)                       Bottom    (100 mi)     $1250

                                                                                    Trolling    (150 mi)     $1500

                                                                                    Tuna (up to 300 mi)   $2400


Lake Michigan

   Trolling the famous waters of Lake Michigan for Lake Trout, Rainbow and Steelhead will be sure to put some excellent fish on your table.  Up to six (6) anglers may be taken out at once.  Half and full day charters available.  All gear is provided along with a knowledgable captain and first mate.  Michigan All Species fishing license required.   Soft soled shoes, sun block, cooler for your fish and camera is all you need.  Great family outing or a corporate treat.  You may also charter the boat for our famous two hour Sunset Cruise.  This is an excellent opportunity to gather with friends and enjoy a beautiful Lake Michigan sunset. 

Half day  $550         Full day  $750         Sunset Cruise   $250