New Zealand

Arrive in Queenstown where you will be met by our outfitter for the one hour ride to camp.  Rustic cabins built into the mountains where the Red Stag will wake you each morning during the rut with their roar.  Step right outside to enjoy the wonderful view, glass some animals and start your hunt.  Red Stag rut is March into early April.  Include Tahr, Chamois, Fallow deer, Sika deer, Rusa deer and Sambar.  Our part of NZ is known for large Arapawa Ram along with wild goat and boar.  Bird shooting and excellent fishing to be had also.  

Tahr and Chamois hunts conducted by helicopter.  These critters live in very rugged mountain terrain.  Very exciting hunt for two beautiful animals.  Package pricing available for Stag, Tahr and Chamois combo or we will work a special price for your choice of animals.  

Stag prices start at $3500.  Stag are measured by SCI scoring methods with price varying with size you are after.  Please contact us for further details and specific pricing.