You may choose to chase these bugling bulls with archery equipment or rifle during the rut in Units 95, 96, or 97 of the Bridger-Teton Wilderness.  Mature bulls average 280"-340" with the occasional bigger bull.  Camps will be accessed by horseback.  Camps consist wall tents with cots and propane heaters.   Seven (7) day hunt.  Licenses are lottery drawn.    1x1 $5500...2x1 $5500     Five (5) day cow elk 1x1 $2750  

2x1 $2200


British Columbia

   Elk are increasing in numbers through our outfitters range in BC.  With a minimum six-point restriction, this give the bulls a chance to become mature and of trophy quality.   Ten (10) day hunt.  $7500.  If successful early on in your hunt, you may add another primary animal (moose, mountain goat, caribou) for an additional $2500.  Your fall hunt can include black bear and wolf at no charge. 



  On the furthest west edge of Colorado these magnificent bulls are found.  As their bugles echo through the mountains you will know you made the right choice.  Five (5) full days of hunting with one day into the back country and one day out.  $5500 plus tags.  Archery, rifle and muzzleloader hunts available.




   Saskatchewan --- Rifle or Archery.  6x6 up to 300"  $3500

                             Any bull up to 390"                      $5500

                             Over 390"                                   P.O.R

   Michigan ---         Rifle or Archery.  up to 5x5          $2500

                             6x6 and bigger                            P.O.R

                             Cow elk                                      $1250